Website Redesign Launched in August

Global Power Supply Website Design

Global Power Supply has refreshed the look and feel of our website. We are sticking to our core inventory offerings but breaking out of our design limitations and adding in our new product lines and services.

New Look:

More refinements for mobile and tablet users but at the same time giving our big screen users more to look at.

New Sections:

We have added two sections: Power Solutions and Power Rentals. Each hopes to bring our customers directly to the equipment that concerns them the most.

New Features:

New drop down menus for desktop users and break out menus for our mobile users. We have added kVA sorting to each applicable category, lots more videos, refreshed topical images for all sections and many more PDF downloads on specific power applications.

More Inventory:

Over the past couple of months we have added more Global Power Supply inventory in all categories with UPS Systems gaining the most.

We always enjoy hearing directly from our customers. Tell us what you think.

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