Why Secure a Backup Generator Before Summer Storm Season?

Severe Summer Storm Clouds

The 2015 hurricane season is approaching fast. The Farmers’ Almanac 2015 Summer Outlook predicts tropical storm threats starting as early as mid to late May, with chances increasing through July, August, and September. And with severe thunderstorms and tornados already hitting parts of the country, now is the time to put an emergency backup power plan in place to make sure your business is not affected by an extended power outage.

Emergency backup power generators become much more expensive and harder to find once a storm hits and the power goes out. In extreme cases like hurricanes Ike and Sandy, FEMA and the Department of Homeland Security can commandeer available generators for ports and hospitals, making it even more difficult to find a source of emergency backup power.

The best way to avoid being stuck without power is to reserve a backup generator early in the season, when demand and costs are lower.

Global Power Supply specializes in high quality, mobile, diesel and natural gas generators that are available for rent, long-term lease, or sale. Reserve a backup generator today and guarantee that you or your business won’t be left in the dark.

Here’s a quick reference list of what you’ll need to be prepared for a power outage:

1. Mobile diesel generator

Reserve now for guaranteed availability and lowest cost.

2. Cables to hook up your generator

During an outage they can be just as hard to find as the generator itself.

3. Diesel fuel

Reserve diesel fuel with your generator and keep the generator fully fueled and on-site where it may be used. Fuel shortages are a real possibility during emergencies and transporting fuel or generators may not be possible as roads can be damaged or impassable after a serious storm.

4. Advanced Reservation

Don’t wait until a storm hits because there will be very high local demand and restrictions on available generators!

At Global Power Supply, we have an expert team ready to help you prepare for any emergency power need. We’ll work with you to develop a backup power plan that works for you and your business. For the best selection and the lowest rates, contact us today.

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