7 UPS Battery Failures and the Need for UPS Preventive Maintenance Planning

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UPS batteries fail in less than half the time stipulated by the manufacturer when those ratings are determined under lab conditions. UPS system failure ranks as the No. 1 cause of unplanned data center outages, according to a report from the Ponemon Institute

“Eighty percent of respondents know the root cause of the unplanned outage. The most frequently cited root causes of data center outages are: UPS battery failure (65 percent), UPS capacity exceeded (53 percent), accidental EPO/human error (51 percent) and UPS equipment failure (49 percent).” Ponemon Institute sponsored by Emerson Power

Factors that affect battery lifespan:

1. Incoming power faults resulting in UPS activity decreasing life

2. Manufacturing defects in battery

3. Improper room temperatures

4. Excessive charge current

5. Over cycling, over charging

6. Loose connections

7. Strained terminals and contactors

UPS system require regular checkups to ensure they remain ready to support critical systems. Batteries should be inspected semi-annually as part of a preventative maintenance schedule. Investing in this PM is as important as any other component in a critical facility. The total cost of an unplanned outage from damage, to remediation, to diminished reputation is astronomical in comparison to this routine maintenance.

“How do you know your preventive maintenance is effective? Preventive maintenance prognoses may reveal nothing or alternatively, they may reveal everything. Optimistically, an end-user can always hope for a clean bill of health afterwards. More times than not however, critical power systems are subject to real world scenarios in which normal wear and tear can be anticipated routinely. Aged or worn components can and should be replaced, and identifying these “risks” is again, the primary mission of an effective preventive maintenance evolution.” says Robert Parrish VP of Sales and Marketing at Unified Power www.unifiedpowerusa.com

What to expect from a Nationwide UPS Maintenance Service Plan

• 7×24 or 5×8 On-Site Corrective Maintenance

• Parts & Labor for UPS Electronics

• Parts & Labor for Batteries

• Guaranteed Emergency Response Times (2,4,8 & Next Day)

• Assigned Customer Care Representative

• Detailed Electronic Service Reporting

• Nationwide Field Service Coverage backed by 7×24 Service Dispatch

• Technical Support

• Customer Satisfaction Reporting

• Preferred Contracted Customer Time & Material Rates for Service Outside of Coverage

To setup a UPS maintenance and service schedule call your GPS Power Expert at (800) 706-0906

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