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  • Leadership

    We believe in the integrity, passion, and creativity of our employees and our team reflects this.
  • Commitment

    We strive to be leaders in every aspect of our industry. Each person has a voice and is listened to.
  • Products

    We create value for our customers by working with only the best products.
  • Service

    Each employee contributes to the value we provide.
  • Team

    We have happy productive employees. We focus on the well being of each team member.


Global Power Supply is a dynamic and expanding company, committed to providing its employees with the ideal workspace to foster success. We want to be leaders in every aspect of our industry – in the quality of our products, our customer service, and our work environment. To accomplish this, we place high value on employee satisfaction and go the extra mile to ensure our employees work in an environment that best caters to their needs.

A major part of Global Power Supply's philosophy lies within our commitment to the well being of our employees. We recognize the value our people add to our company, and our business culture reflects this. We firmly believe that happy employees are productive employees; only with the brightest minds working to their full potential can GPS continue to grow our business. Our focus on creating an excellent work environment for our employees provides us the advantage of attracting and retaining top talent to contribute to our company.

In our quest to improve ourselves as a company, we seek to expand and capitalize upon the wide range of talents and abilities our employees possess. We focus on open channels of communication, and encourage employees to ask questions and contribute their ideas to anyone who might benefit. Whether it's our interns or our CEO, everyone's ideas are valued and given consideration. You'll find that open doors, lively conversation, spirited debate, and plenty of laughs are a part of our every day life.

Our employees' dedication to these values is instrumental to our continued success and excellence.

9MW Data Center Installation
Timelapse 2.5MW MTU for a Corporate Center

GPS On LocationGlobal Power Supply has offices in California, Nevada, Texas, and North Carolina. We have multiple divisions with assets nationwide, servicing diverse customers from big to small, data centers to oil and gas development.

GPS works with a broad selection of the highest quality manufacturers as well as being a full service provider of custom solutions. We work hard to find solutions for our customers.

If you need further information please call the office 805.683.3828.

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