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Team Culture

Global Power Supply is a dynamic and expanding company, committed to providing its employees with the ideal workspace to foster success. We want to be leaders in every aspect of our industry - in the quality of our products, our customer service, and our work environment. To accomplish this, we place high value on employee satisfaction and go the extra mile to ensure our employees work in an environment that best caters to their needs.

A major part of Global Power Supply's philosophy lies within our commitment to the well being of our people. We recognize the value our people add to our company, and our busines culture reflects this. We firmly believe that happy employees are productive employees; only with the brightest minds working to their full potential can GPS continue to grow our business. Our focus on creating an excellent work environment for our employees provides us the advantage of attracting and retaining top talent to contribute to our company.

In our quest to improve ourselves as a company, we seek to expand and capitalize upon the wide range of talents and abilities our employees possess. We focus on open channels of communications, and encourage employees to ask questions and contribute their ideas to anyone who might benefit. Whether its our interns or our CEO, everyone's ideas are valued and given consideration. You'll find that open doors, lively conversation, spirited debate, and plenty of laughs are a part of every day in our lives.

To stay ahead of the game in a fluid industry, GPS relies on constant communication and cooperation in order to meet our goals. We believe that the integrity, passion, and creativity of our employees are essential elements of our growth as a business, and our office team reflects this.

Our employees' dedication to these values is instrumental to our continued success and excellence.

Global Power Supply


Barry Fay, CEO at Global Power Supply

Barry Fay

Barry Fay is CEO at Global Power Supply. A University of Notre Dame alumnus with an MBA from UCLA Anderson, Barry has over 30 years of business experience producing award winning results and significant growth experiences for several industry leading companies. He has worked for companies like the international accounting and services firm KPMG and the premier international real estate developer Hines and has lead transactions with companies like Fender Guitar and private equity firm TPG. Barry has been involved in diverse and complicated real estate developments, significant asset sales and acquisitions and international operational repositioning projects. His experience with a consulting project and the eventual sale of an industry related company brought him to the attention of GPS to lead GPS’s ongoing expansion in critical infrastructure equipment in addition to strengthening and growing our core power generation services. With his lifelong entrepreneurial background and strong history of revenue growth and leadership, Barry brings a high level of strategic thinking, intelligence, positive attitude, and team building to Global Power Supply.

Ron Zamir, President at Global Power Supply

Ron Zamir

Ron Zamir is President at Global Power Supply. Ron's 32 years of business experience includes sales and marketing of numerous products and services and management of various disciplines including design, engineering, project management, and logistics. His leadership fosters an ethical approach to all stakeholders including customers, vendors and employees. Ron has created an organization that welcomes new challenges and has established a culture that delivers creative solutions and doing what others might assume is impossible. Prior to starting GPS in 2004, Ron was one of the founders of an international telecommunications infrastructure equipment and services supplier. Ron's international business associations have awarded him the opportunity to travel the world, gaining intricate knowledge of factories and facilities, while enriching customer and vendor relations. Ron draws on his wealth of experience in complex project execution, providing the highest levels of customer satisfaction through on-time and on-budget project delivery.

Mike Wolfe Team Lead Oil and Gas

Mike Wolfe
Vice President Power Solutions

Mike Wolfe has been involved in high tech product sales and sales management for over 30 years. He began his career selling computer hardware for DJC Corporation. In 1985, Mr. Wolfe founded Century Computer Marketing, a provider of secondary market computer equipment, where his sales and marketing expertise and high levels of customer support led to a period of rapid growth. After Century was sold in 1994, he became an initial partner and major contributor for Somera Communication, a leading International supplier of new and refurbished telecom equipment. With his partners Barry Langberg, Ron Zamir and Robert Firestone, Mr. Wolfe founded Global Power Supply in 2004. Mike is responsible for the development of high level value added relationships with Global Power Supply's major customers.

Rob Hansen Vice President Critical Facility Strategic Accounts

Rob Hansen
Vice President
Critical Facility Strategic Accounts

Rob Hansen has over 14 years of sales and sales management experience. He began his career in banking and spent five years working for Clear Channel before his 2006 hiring at GPS. Mr. Hansen spent his first two years at GPS in generator sales and was then promoted to Senior Corporate Accounts Manager. He was promoted again in 2012 to the Director of GPS's Mission Critical Facilities Division. In addition to leading the MCF Division sales team, Mr. Hansen has developed and continues to maintain some of GPS's most important customer relationships as VP of Strategic accounts. His contributions over the years have helped to build and fortify Global's unique approach to provide value to a customer base that can never afford any down time.

Bob Haden, Power Systems Specialist, Global Power Supply

Bob Haden
Power Systems Specialist

Bob Haden is a power systems analyst with advanced knowledge of on-site power generation technology, and critical infrastructure support applications. Bob has over 35 years of experience in the field as a service technician for the petroleum and agricultural industries, including 11 years with a Cummins distributor. An authority on power systems transmission and distribution systems planning, Bob oversees and approves all system planning and application calculations to ensure performance, reliability and safety.

Scott Feinberg Director of Production

Scott Feinberg
Vice President Production & Supply

Scott Feinberg heads up the GPS Production team. He is responsible for the delivery and completion of the most complex projects, and accomplishes them both on time and on budget. He began his career as an Engineer on a world class sailing yacht, maintaining Diesel Engines and Generators. After spending five years at sea, Scott joined GPS in 2006 as a Procurement Associate. In 2008, he was named Supply Manager for the T and D Division. Scott was then promoted to our Project Management team where his attention to detail, organization skills, technical background and dedication to customer satisfaction lead to his promotion to Director of Production in 2010. Scott is an integral part of GPS' enviable track record of successful project management and a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) by Project Management Institute.