Challenging Summer Season for Maintaining Critical Power

No Power Ahead

This summer has many signs of being another challenging season for maintaining power continuity across the USA. If your business is in need of a reliable backup power solution, now is the time to get that in place.

While parts of the country are still recovering from a record 2020 hurricane season, the 2021 season is again forecast to be active and dangerous, with 17 named storms, eight hurricanes and four major hurricanes predicted by NOAA.

Western states still feeling the effects of the 2020 wildfire season are facing drought conditions and the possibility of another hyper-active fire season in 2021. Utilities, businesses, and residents in Western states will also have to prepare for Public Safety Power Shutoffs (PSPS), targeted blackouts lasting a few hours to several days during extreme weather events, to help prevent future wildfires. The hard-hit wine industry in Napa CA is asking for legislative assistance given the instability and now seasonality of power loss and wildfires.

These recent power related events highlight the need to move forward with an emergency backup power solution now.

1. Texas Near Grid Failure due to Freezing Temperatures

“Commercial facilities mostly did not go off the grid without being forced, with the
exception of Evoque, which confirmed it voluntarily ran on a generator for 15 hours
at its Allen data center”.

2. Nashville Bombing of AT&T Facility

“Technicians drilled access holes into the building to reconnect power to critical equipment via external generators.”

3. Vanishing Sierra Snowpack Turns California’s Fire Season Dire

“The snowpack was just 10% of average for early May”, according to measurements taken by the state Department of Water Resources.

4. Colonial Pipeline Infrastructure Ransomeware Hack

“Colonial’s pipeline network serves major U.S. airports, including Atlanta’s Hartsfield Jackson Airport, the world’s busiest by passenger traffic, and experts say regional fuel supplies could be impacted if the pipeline stays shut.”

These events and others reinforce the need for custom proactive solutions for managing both rentals and long-term acquisition of power. Critical facilities are asking to own their availability of assets, in and out of impacted areas. Managed turnkey and compliant power that is pre-planned and maintained as a service so that generators and associated equipment are on-the-ready for deployment to multiple locations. The configurations are built in advance to meet turnkey expectations and avoid on-site incompatibility.

To meet high levels of power demand, unit configurations include built-in low emissions clean burning EPA standards along with the technological capabilities to handle fluctuating power demand at various facilities.

500 kW Diesel Generator

Twin 500kW Diesel Tier 4 final emission standard prime power mobile generator specifically designed to be very flexible:

• Two-position manual change over voltage board

• 120/208V and 277/480V 3-phase

• Auto-paralleling of multiple units

• Auto load shedding

• Auto load management capabilities

• Programmable (non-proprietary) software controls

Extreme summer storms, hurricanes, and Public Safety Power Shutoffs (PSPS) put a strain on local resources for rental generators. Typically, by the time these storms or events are on the radar, local inventories are rapidly depleted, and business are left scrambling for a backup power solution. Don’t let your business be a victim of poor planning or lack of foresight on weather and power shutoffs related grid failures.

At Global Power Supply, we help businesses every day with backup, prime, and continuous power solutions. Contact our experienced team with any questions, quote requests, or expert advice you may need.