Checklist for Turnkey Backup Power Installs

Do you require uptime guarantees as part of your business or product? You need a turnkey solution to your emergency power problems that you know will work. Above video is a 2017 delivery of a custom enclosure 3250kW MTU diesel standby generator in Hillsboro Oregon.

As a single provider we carry the burden of managing a project that requires experience, expertise, and precision. We uniquely do installations with many diverse manufacturers, gaining flexibility and cost savings to our customers. Global Power Supply develops customized turnkey backup power solutions including asset recovery and decommissioning.

We currently have 30 separate installation projects that are in progress and scheduled for completion in 2017. These projects are taking place in major cities all across the United States. Each backup power project has basic qualifications but all locales bring unique challenges. We define the scope, timetable and costs. Our project management team manages all phases of the project, staying abreast of critical milestones:

• System design including site visit and surveys

• Project management and engineering services

• Logistical services including freight, rigging and storage prior to delivery if necessary

• Installation, testing and commissioning

• Post installation service and support

• Temporary power and cooling equipment available during the process if necessary

With GPS’s certified team of local electrical contractors, we provide installation services for one or many locations throughout North America. You may have a tight project timeline and that fits our business model very well. We provide value by matching needs to in stock inventory, new or used, as well as anticipate lead times in production. Having generators in stock with as-built engineering submittals ready to go may prove to be advantageous in getting ahead of the permitting process. If in-stock units don’t meet specs, we can supply virtually any other major generator brand, factory new, depending on client preferences.

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