Generator Sub-Base Fuel Tanks and State UL Listings

Custom Sub-Base Fuel Tank Installation

At Global Power Supply, we sell diesel fuel tanks to meet our customers’ needs. That means tank sizes and dimensions vary, but every tank we deliver has one thing in common – the basic safety standard used. We only specify UL-listed fuel tanks that meet or exceed the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) standards. Our tanks also meet state-specific regulations and construction requirements.

Your Generator Diesel Fuel Tank

Owning a generator fuel tank lets you store fuel above ground to power your generator. Global Power Supply provides various external fuel tank options, including sub-base fuel tanks, the most commonly chosen tank type. Our sub-base fuel tanks provide a generator run time between 24 and 72 hours. We also build custom tanks for our customers to provide additional run time and meet or exceed the relevant national, state, and local safety standards.

Tanks That Meet National and State Requirements

Strict standards and regulations govern the construction and use of fuel tanks to alleviate fire risk and health hazards. Internationally, Underwriters Laboratories, an independent safety organization, develops global engineering standards for a wide range of products, including fuel tanks. Two standards, UL 142 and UL 2085, provide the guidelines for building fuel tanks.

Who Enforces the Standards?

Nationally, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) sets the standards, choosing the UL standards that apply. The NFPA defines its requirements in the NFPA 30 Flammable and Combustible Liquids Code. Our custom UL-listed fuel tanks use the NFPA standards and incorporate state and local standards, too.

States Can Add to the Regulations

U.S. states and the cities and towns within them can add to the national regulations. Although states cannot make laws that use less stringent standards than the national regulations, states can strengthen the requirements. Four states have passed laws adding to the UL standards:

At Global Power Supply, we custom design fuel tanks that meet and exceed the state and local regulations for generator fuel tanks, so you can count on your UL-listed fuel tank from Global Power Supply. We work with clients nationwide and stock generators and fuel tanks to meet the strictest requirements. When you order a custom fuel tank from us, rest assured that the tank you receive meets international standards, national laws, and state and local regulations. These two standards apply to diesel storage tanks, petroleum gas storage tanks, and other liquid storage tanks.

UL-142 Fuel Tanks

UL 142 governs the design of standard fuel tanks, which are double-walled. This dual-wall sub-base tank standard applies to tanks designed for flammable and combustible liquids.

UL-2085 Fuel Tanks

UL 2085 fuel tanks add to the UL 142 standard design. By adding flame retardant materials to the basic design, a UL 2085 tank earns a two-hour fire rating, which qualifies it as a protective tank. These protective tanks also meet standards for projectile resistance and impact resistance.

Liquids Classified as Flammable and Combustible

Perhaps you need to store a type of liquid that’s not fuel. Depending on where you reside, if that liquid proves combustible or flammable, you would still need a storage tank that meets or exceeds UL-142 standards. Let’s consider a quick list of liquids you must store in a UL-142-compliant tank.

  • Class 1A, which includes some crude oils, diethyl ether, and ethylene oxide
  • Class IB, which refers to most motor and aviation fuels, lacquers, toluene, and lacquer thinners
  • Class IC, which includes solvent-based cement, xylene products, and select paints
  • Class II, which refers to diesel fuel and paint thinner
  • Class IIIA, which includes home heating oils/fuels
  • Class IIIB, which refers to cooking oils, motor oils, and lubricating oils.

Global Power Supply can construct the tank for them, whatever combustible or flammable liquids you need to store.

UL-142 or UL-2085 Tanks: Which Do You Need?

Consult with your local fire marshal to determine which standard your UL-listed tanks need to meet. Each community sets its own rules for storing flammable or combustible liquids. Obtaining local information apprises you of the municipal and state requirements. Some areas of the U.S. require using tanks manufactured of carbon steel materials, tanks with inside containment walls, and/or insulation. Your municipality may require projectile- and impact-resistant tanks.

Mass-manufactured tanks include a stamped or embossed emblem designating them as UL-142 or UL-2085 compliant. Some custom-manufactured tanks don’t carry these symbols, but the manufacturer provides paperwork that you can use to prove standards compliance.

Our ground fuel storage tanks provide safe storage mechanisms to ensure power for your backup generator. Our power expert professionals have the knowledge and ability to help you navigate the standards and requirements for your state and municipality.

Contact Global Power Supply today for personalized assistance purchasing and utilizing fuel tanks that meet UL-listed aboveground fuel tank standards and your state standards.