Global Power Supply Provides Generators to Venezuela

Large Generator Unloading

Global Power Supply provides professional project management and logistics service to Latin America for the completion of PDVSA’s emergency backup power system. Petroles de Venezuela S.A. (PDVSA) serves as the main channel of petroleum production and distribution to the world’s largest energy markets. Based in Venezuela, the national oil company chose GPS due to their industry-wide reputation for providing multi-vendor solutions based on customer driven requirements.

The Santa Barbara based company integrated technical and performance solutions from multiple vendors, and coordinated the successful delivery and assembly of equipment from various geographical locations. The complete project will supply back up power to administrative buildings in several locations throughout Venezuela.

The PDVSA power system integrates a combination of 16 natural gas and diesel generators from MTU On-Site Energy and Cummins in both new and refurbished condition. The GPS solution dynamically integrates multiple generators, equipment components, and fuel requirements to provide backup power to more than ten different site locations. The combination of industrial Cummins and MTU generators in various sizes make up a highly custom and complex power solution. The generators were pulled from GPS’s surplus inventory of new and used diesel and natural gas generators. The surplus generators were available due to the cancelation of a large scale landfill gas project in the United States. Originally built to run on landfill gas, the generators were refurbished and modified to use pipeline gas per the systems requirements.

“By providing vendor neutral options free from geographical limitations, we can focus on the customer and their project specific requirements”- Ron Zamir, CEO at Global Power Supply.

GPS additionally managed the staging and testing of all equipment prior to international shipment and delivery.

“In addition to a full spectrum of critical spare parts, we provided the PDVSA project with preventive maintenance spares and cyclic maintenance spares to accompany the custom built, sound attenuated enclosures.”- Bob Haden, Power System Specialist at Global Power Supply.

GPS has a long history of experience designing custom power solutions in virtually every industry. The company’s core competency lies in their project experience, and extensive technical expertise.   Global Power Supply (GPS) Global Power Supply is a leading supplier of power equipment and services for critical facilities. GPS offers creative solutions for facilities worldwide including buying, selling, and servicing critical power equipment, project management, asset recovery, and technical consulting. GPS provides comprehensive project management and logistics programs customized to fit the unique needs of their customers.

PDVSA is the national gas and oil company serving the conduit of Venezuelan petroleum to the world’s largest energy markets. The Latin American producer is the fourth largest integrated oil firm in the world. It is 100 percent owned by the Venezuelan government and operates upstream activities in Venezuela and downstream activities in Europe, the U.S. and the Caribbean.