How GPS is Handling the Global Supply Chain Crunch

Container Ship Unloading

Container Ship at Port in Alaska

With the growing demand for backup power generators, and increased strain on in-stock supply, our inventory is moving fast. It is important to act before it’s too late and get your backup power plan in place for 2022.

As you may have heard, the Covid 19 pandemic and subsequent international lockdowns have created major global supply chain issues. With the growing demand for critical backup power, most generator manufacturers are struggling to keep pace with the ever-growing demand.

The extended lead times for new generators is especially important to our valued customers. Diesel and natural gas generators are used to provide emergency power in many situations; from recovery efforts after major storms and natural disasters, during manufacturing processes to protect valuable products, for agriculture and growing warehouses, and perhaps most importantly for emergency backup power for hospitals and healthcare facilities. Delayed or unavailable power equipment can have serious consequences to many businesses and can even be life threatening.

The Current Generator Lead Time Situation and How GPS Can Help

Currently, we are seeing variations in generator lead times, but in general they are long, with high quality U.S. made generators taking 4-6 weeks at best for some units, and up to 22-26 weeks for many of the larger commercial and industrial generators.

However, there is some good news. GPS has been able to guide our customers through the issue of extended lead times by sourcing from several of the top generator manufacturers, as well as aggressively purchasing high-quality used and surplus equipment for our inventory. We’ve also identified the quickest lead times for all sizes of commercial and industrial generators from the top manufacturers and have placed strategic orders to capitalize on available equipment. We are pleased to offer immediate or near immediate new generators in select sizes from Mesa Solutions, MTU, Hipower, Cummins, and JCB, in addition to our large selection of used and surplus generator inventory.

Even during these challenging times, GPS can provide a quick solution to most backup or prime power requirements, whether it be from our new, used, surplus, or rental inventory. Please contact us today to go over your specific application and we will make sure to get you the best options and pricing to fit your power needs, schedule, and budget.

For more information or a complimentary power consultation, please contact us today.