Realities Of Lead Time

Concrete Pad for Generator

You have a project that requires a generator set onsite in 14 weeks and you’re told current generator lead time is 8-12 weeks. No problem, right? Not so fast!

For most vendors, the posted lead time indicates the time it takes for the factory to manufacture a generator set once the customer has released the unit for manufacturing. But there are traditionally a number of steps that occur before that release, all of which can demand additional time.

• Time to supply a quote the genset based on customer specifications

• Time for the customer to review the quote, approve it, and issue a purchase order

• Time for the vendor to create engineering submittals

• Time for the customer’s contractors to review and approve submittals

Each of the above items can take significant amounts of time. It’s possible for the submittals review process alone to take 2-4 weeks, sometimes longer for more complex projects. All things considered, the 8-12 week posted week can quickly turn into an actual delivery schedule of 20 weeks or more!

Global Power Supply can reduce lead times by leveraging:

• A large selection of IN-STOCK new and used generators that can be customized and rapidly deployed

• A nationwide database of additional inventory from pre-qualified industry partners

• A dedicated GPS project manager who will focus on driving your schedule

• A multiple manufacturer supply model that allows us to cherry-pick products with shorter lead times

• In-house Engineering & Technical Support to help you anticipate and overcome obstacles that would otherwise cause delays

Contact Global Power Supply for immediate solutions to your lead time dilemma!