Time to Adopt a Backup Power Plan for Power Outages

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There were a large number of severe weather events last year, and with an active hurricane season predicted again this year, we strongly recommend having a concrete plan in place. Severe weather alerts that can cause interruptions in service are abound: heat, wildfires, thunderstorms, floods, hurricanes and tornadoes. We can even add volcanic eruptions to the list this year. With aging infrastructure and increasing demand on the grid, it is not surprising to find facility managers looking for options earlier each year.

Remember the acronym "ADOPT" to help keep in focus the meaningful power solution that will work when you need it.

"A" for Address

Address the conditions on-site for local regulations, transportation, primary and secondary locations, sizing for critical and non-critical loads. Known what you need and how it is meant to be implemented at your facilities.

"D" for Define

Define who, what, and why. Who is tasked as staff or local resource for each role in the key knowledge areas on design and engineering. From electrical contractors to landlords, all need to be clear on the "why" and what their role will be and when they will be called to action. Defining the projects parameters to stakeholders and influencers is key to a smooth installation and open transparent communication along the way. Having definition is meaningful when changes arise and need additional approvals.

"O" for Organize

Organize your time. Allocate time, money and personnel in advance of an emergency all towards an end goal that makes business continuity a top-of-mind business objective.

"P" for Provision

Provision for, or even better, purchase your solution. Set the plan in motion before you need backup power as any project of this magnitude that requires vendors, assets and financing will have undefined delays and challenges.

"T" for Test

Full turnkey project management in backup power solutions includes installation and start-up. Trust in the engineering and specification is only validated on a real test of the equipment. Tests identify any issues, weaknesses in design, or need for additional maintenance or services, before they become a problem.

Stay ahead of a major power outage. Adopt today with a turnkey power solutions from Global Power Supply. Contact us today at 1-800-706-0906.