3 Strategies to Generate Capital for your Datacenter

Generator Decom

Global Power Supply recently attended the Datacenter Dynamics conference in San Francisco. Several takeaways from speaking directly with our small and medium-sized datacenter customers were strategies to utilize the intrinsic value of their underutilized capital assets.

Small to medium-sized datacenters need competitive ideas to gain market share. GPS has three proven strategies to help datacenter managers generate capital and improve their bottom line.


Purchasing certified used equipment, at lower prices, provides small to medium sized datacenters the ability compete with bigger institutions. Only the large datacenters are able to afford the higher cost of factory new prices at lengthy lead times.

EPA Emissions Tier compliant used units are becoming more readily available. Tier units after 2006 are available at drastically reduced prices, with compliance, and with low operating hours. Purchasing a used Tier compliant generator can make extra room in an annual budget and happen quickly.


Global Power Supply recently acquired an underutilized EPA Tier 2 1MW CAT Diesel Generator System as a buyback. The critical facility was being decommissioned and these units presented a logistical problem to the owner. GPS stepped in with cash and brought a swift conclusion to the dilemma for the facility manager while providing a great solution for another.

Recover the maximum value on your capital assets and build trusted relationships for future expansion. Develop a life-cycle for your organization to move forward with the market by remarketing your used capital assets.


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Energy efficiency is a critical factor for every datacenter and wrong-sized equipment can waste energy. Those dollars will not return making future budgets more difficult.

Project management with our vendor neutral approach can deliver the equipment you actually need and buy back the equipment you don’t freeing up cash and maintaining optimal utilization. Global Power Supply’s experience in certified pre-owned equipment and our worldwide database of power equipment owners can provide swift relief. Don’t let a wrong size issue linger in your organization. Act swiftly, make it right and move on.

Global Power Supply buys used equipment. If you need an evaluation start the process by providing your details.

Don’t sit on your Assets!