What Makes Backup Power Projects So Challenging

Backup Power at Desert Factory

Power Continuity Example Retail Store and Distribution Warehouse

With today’s power uncertainty, a backup generator or emergency power system has become essential for many businesses. However, the process of purchasing, commissioning, and maintaining the right emergency backup solution for your business can be a difficult and time-consuming process.

What are the biggest challenges, and why is implementing a backup power solution so complex? Each project comes with unique challenges and surprises, and these are often discovered as the project evolves, sometimes not until the project is well underway. Turn-key does not always mean easy, but with the right company, is does mean complete, effective, and dependable.

What is the value of a full-service power provider in turn-key projects? The value is of course having the broadest range of knowledge, experience, and available equipment to cover the unexpected. The know how to put the puzzle pieces together to meet specifications, and most importantly, the expertise required to plan for the unexpected and own the responsibility of the project. Only through the experience of problem solving and overcoming challenges, is the knowledge truly developed to be able to claim and deliver on a turn-key promise.

What does project experience outline look like:

• Scope of a Project

• Pitfalls

• Tips and Tricks

• The Unexpected

• Local Knowledge

• Communication Clarity

• Problem Solving

• Timing and Delays

When we say turn-key, we mean that we handle all aspects of the project, while providing all that knowhow above.

Turn-key includes (but not limited to):

• Site surveys, load characteristics and landlord coordination

• Power system design and engineering

• Provide generator, automatic transfer switch (ATS), conduit wiring, other required power equipment

• On-site construction and all relevant permits; slabs, bollards, walls, more

• Logistics and coordination of delivery, installation, start-up, testing, and commissioning

• Post installation preventative maintenance and remote monitoring

As a full-service provider, Global Power Supply offers turn-key backup power system installations and maintenance. With over 50+ years of combined experience in the power industry, our experienced team of engineers, project managers, and nationwide network of certified electrical contractors take into consideration all these bullet points for every project big or small. This is a part of our long-term success and our customer’s peace of mind.

From dealing with multiple manufacturers and choosing the right product, to the permitting process, emissions and sound requirements, arranging electrical and construction work, coordinating ongoing maintenance and more. The process is complex, but it can be done.

Our goal is providing timely, accurate, and effortless power solutions. Please contact us today to get started.