Backup Power System Preparedness Checklist

Generator Load Bank Test

Load Bank Testing of CAT Olympian Diesel Generator

Backup power systems require regular maintenance so that they work properly when you really need them. We recommend having your power system serviced by a professional generator technician at regular intervals.

In addition to regular service, the following 7 tips should help make sure your generator will be prepared in the event of a power outage:

1. Battery

Check that the battery charger is working properly, and battery life.

2. Load Bank Test

Periodically, run load bank test to make sure the generator handles the required load and to ensure exhaust system has proper particulate burn off.

3. Fuel

Check fuel level, and to make sure there is no contamination, water or sediments.

4. Filters

Check that air, fuel, and coolant filters are clean.

5. Fluids

Check all fluids regularly, both the fluid level and cleanliness.

6. Automatic Transfer Switch

Perform a periodic real world test of the power system by cutting the utility power source.

7. Coolant Heater

Be sure to check that the coolant heater is functioning properly.

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