Batteries Are The Most Important UPS Component, Also Most Likely To Fail

Neglected UPS Battery

UPS Battery Corrosion

When Is Your UPS Not A UPS, When Your Batteries Fail

Why do batteries fail: bad ambient temperature, shelf life, bad chemistry, cycling, improper loading, and lack of regular maintenance. Eaton details these six factors that affect battery life in a slide presentation (might have to click twice as Eaton requires a country choice).

Proper scheduled preventive maintenance is the only assurance for battery health and maximium uptime.

Once a year maintenance is the absolute minimum, ideally each quarter will ensure optimum load capacity and runtimes. Battery inspection will detail the weaknesses and provide valuable time to take action well in advance of a critical failure. One bad battery can compromise the cabinet. Customers who can plan for battery replacement or entire system upgrades including temporary UPS rentals will typically have many affordable choices and a predictable timeline to get it done. Our UPS emergency service plans and maintenance service plans address battery replacement:

• Testing and Full Inspection of New Batteries

• Installation of Batteries

• Comprehensive Report of Batteries’ Baseline Reading

• Battery Removal and Disposal per EPA Standards

• Recycling Certificate

• 19 Additional Inspection and Operating Tests

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Please inquire with our power expert team for our full UPS minor and major scope service plans. For more information on UPS maintenance in our services section.