Checklist for UPS Systems in Summer Power Uncertainty

UPS System Batteries

How prepared is your UPS System?

Avoid long lead times and service your UPS batteries by either renting a unit to bridge the delivery gap, or buy a refurbished unit that not only has no lead time issues but solves battery issues and saves a considerable amount of money.

Summer heat puts a huge demand on the electrical utilities nationwide. Abnormal power consumption and the uncertainty of Mother nature makes it a stressful time for facility professionals. Whether it is thunderstorms, wildfires, hurricanes or flooding – be prepared in case of an outage this summer and fall season.

How prepared is your UPS System:

1. Load Size Evaluation

Size of the UPS unit is correct. Has your load increased over time. When was the last evaluation of critical loads.

2. Proper Connections

Necessary essential connections are secure and properly configured from end to end.

3. Evaluation of Each Battery

Only takes one bad cell cell to bring the whole string down, so a preventative maintenance schedule should already be in place and performed by qualified UPS technician.

4. Battery Capacity

What is actual available runtime, have you had runtime use this past year? What is your use cycle. Most UPS batteries have a 3 to 4 year battery life. Where are you in the lifecylce of the string?

5. Essential or Non-Essential

Are your separating your critical power and your non-essential loads related to weather events. Will a heat wave event require that the UPS provide power to HVAC to avoid overheated equipment? Are you under-estimating whether cooling will be essential on your runtime?

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