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Renewable power is defined as constantly replenished, either organically or naturally recycled. Solar, wind, geothermal, and hydropower are all renewable. To be considered sustainable, that energy source must be available for the foreseeable future and not become unusable over time. Renewable with sustainability.

Global Power Supply provides integration of renewable energy components into our microgrid projects for critical commercial and industrial facilities.

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Offerings that differentiate GPS:

National footprint – we can deliver and install anywhere in the US and Canada.

Vendor agnostic – We can offer the right product or product mix for each customer’s unique application/situation/requirement.

We can design a system that utilizes our numerous suppliers to offer the best solution for each of our customers/facilities.

We stock generators and ATS which may reduce project lead-times.

Energy Transition: Balancing Renewables and Oil & Gas

Companies, especially those in the oil and gas industry, feel the pressure to adopt lower-carbon energy systems.

While the path to net-zero emissions will require a fundamental shift in how energy is produced and used, oil and gas will still make up a significant share of the energy mix in the coming decades. A balanced approach that combines renewables with oil and gas will be critical during this transition period.

This balance is critical on both ends of the spectrum. Those in the renewable energy sector still rely on backup power from fossil fuels. In contrast, for those in oil and gas, the advantages of off-grid, renewable power solutions are helping them experience the power of microgrids — propelling them forward as industry leaders

At Global Power Supply, we help companies optimize energy operations with cost-effective, sustainable power solutions. These multi-source solutions combine emerging technologies with traditional methods to reduce emissions and improve resiliency.

Here’s how to tackle the collaboration between renewables and oil and gas — and what to consider moving forward.

Renewables Are Crucial Moving Forward, But There Are Still Concerns

Regardless of your industry, electricity demands will surge in the coming decades. Climate change remains a pressing topic concerning advances in energy transition. To address this ongoing and time-sensitive issue, the International Energy Agency (IEA) recommends that governments around the globe triple renewable capacity by 2030. There has been strong momentum recently, with solar and wind power paving the way.

Renewables offer so many benefits. However, the supply-demand equation must be considered, as the intermittency and storage of renewable energy remain top concerns.

Fossil fuels are still essential, as this flexible resource can provide continuous generation 24 hours a day. In other circumstances, oil and gas can be available on standby to provide on-demand power when needed. This advantage combats the intermittent nature of renewable energy. Solar panels will only generate power when the sun is out, and wind turbines only provide power when the wind blows.

Energy storage is the solution to these issues, but the utility-scale technology isn’t quite there yet. Energy storage capacity cannot currently keep up with the desired growth of renewables.

Despite that, smaller-scale operations are already leveraging the possibilities of energy storage. Commercial and industrial battery storage systems are combined with generators to ensure backup power is available at all times, and fuel consumption (and costs) are kept to a minimum by a software controlled and optimized system. These systems are available now and worth exploring.

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Transitioning Existing Infrastructure to Accommodate Renewables

Dozens of industries are experiencing the benefits of renewables. Whether farmers aim to power off-grid farms or oil and gas companies strive to reduce carbon emissions, a hybrid model is a viable, sustainable solution. However, integrating renewables into existing infrastructure is often complex, especially in remote areas where a hybrid model is needed most.

For many, effective collaboration between renewables and traditional energy sources begins with the right support and expertise for tailored solutions.

Global Power Supply provides critical turnkey power solutions so companies can transition quickly, implementing the technologies and solutions that optimize their investment. These turnkey solutions cover the design, installation, and maintenance process, ensuring a customized backup power plan for that specific application.

Financing is another area Global Power Supply is aware of, so we provide new, used, and refurbished backup power equipment. But that’s just the beginning. We provide much more than equipment, offering end-to-end power solutions and services.

Here’s how we deliver on more than equipment:

  • Partnering at all stages of development and execution
  • Planning design and site surveys
  • Performing electrical load analyses
  • Planning construction and infrastructure needs
  • Testing and commissioning
  • Operation and maintenance
Discover the Potential of Turnkey Solutions

Take Advantage of a Balanced Approach Today

During the energy transition period, you can start shifting toward renewables while keeping the peace of mind associated with backup power solutions.

Again, this transition impacts many industries concerning efficiency and cost-savings. However, a balanced approach is critical in the oil and gas sector. Thinking about the possibilities of a balanced approach is the first step.

Leveraging the solutions currently available means greater flexibility, efficiency, and reliability — not to mention a competitive edge and increased scalability.

While each company and project requires a customized approach, microgrid adoption is an effective solution for energy integration. Those taking the leap toward a hybrid approach benefit from a more diverse portfolio. They are maintaining operations and growing while investing in clean energy technologies.

These investments also shield companies against extreme weather events, cyberattacks, and other unplanned outages.

Global Power Supply Is the Partner You Seek

Global Power Supply is a full-service critical power solutions provider. Our team includes project managers, engineers, and expert sales representatives.

While we offer new and used power equipment for a wide spectrum of applications, we also provide diverse power services that support every phase of a company’s journey toward energy transition.

Have questions? We have answers.

Contact Global Power Supply to discuss the advantages of a more balanced approach today.

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