Video: Time is Running Out for Generator Deliveries

Video of a 2500kW Diesel Standby Generator Preassemble and Transit

Standard lead times to get a backup diesel generator this year have nearly passed. Not so with Global Power Supply. With our inventory of in-stock new, high quality used and surplus backup power equipment GPS can get your project completed this year, and under budget.

Many of our in-stock generators are shipped immediately, but you still need to act quickly to get this done. Why? There are seven sequential steps in the purchase of a backup generator, and time is not on your side if you want it this year.

RFQ and Quotation

In finding a backup generator system that meets your unique requirements, a manufacturer-neutral approach can provide you with multiple new and/or used equipment options at a reduced cost and save time. Start with a simple quote request online. A call back from a power expert is the best approach to getting quotes rapidly which can happen in the same day, or up to a week depending on project complexity and the equipment required.

Approvals and Purchase Order

Sometimes purchase orders take a week or longer to process on the customer end once the decision to purchase has been made. GPS often works in parallel to our customer’s paperwork process to help reduce the overall project schedule.

Submittal Review

Turnaround time on getting engineering submittals to our customers ranges from a few days to a couple weeks, depending on complexity. Submittals are often ready immediately on equipment that is in stock. Our dedicated and experienced project managers will work diligently with the installing contractors to ensure a smooth and efficient review process.

Release to Manufacturing

The job has only just begun once equipment is released for manufacturing. Quality control procedures include an active role in managing manufacturing partners to help ensure that delivery schedules are met, or even shortened. The process can take anywhere from 4 weeks to 24 weeks, depending on equipment types and level of customization.

Transit Time

Equipment ships from many different places including warehouse locations and the factories of manufacturers. Transit time to job sites can range from a day or two, to over a week depending on the overall shipping distance. Some shipments are large enough that they require guide cars and police escorts, which may lead to a longer transit time.


Time to install can vary greatly depending on the complexity and scope of each project. Much of the installation work can be performed in parallel to the manufacturing process to save time.

Testing and Commissioning

Simple startups can often be completed in a day or two, but larger gensets working in parallel with other gensets, or in conjunction with other systems (e.g. UPS backup systems, switchgear, etc.) will often have a longer process for 3rd party commissioning. GPS provides technicians for startup and testing, and offers additional support for 3rd party commissioning.

To overcome the pitfalls of a backup generator project you will need experience. To make it happen on a shorter than normal timeline takes options, seasoned professional help and great support.

Get experienced help from Global Power Supply’s critical power sales experts.

Take a look at our YouTube channel for more of our recent project installations.