Top 6 Competitive Features of Toshiba UPS Systems

Toshiba UPS Headquarters USA

Toshiba headquarters in Houston, TX (Image courtesy: Toshiba International Corporation Facebook)

Top 6 Competitive Features of Toshiba UPS Systems

Toshiba UPS systems have a reputation as the highest quality UPS systems on the market, manufactured for resiliency, efficiency, durability, and overall lifespan. Toshiba’s SCiB LTO lithium-ion batteries combined with an overall superior quality design and build offer true long-term value and dependability. Here are 6 competitive features of Toshiba UPS systems.

Outstanding Reliability

Toshiba UPS systems deliver outstanding performance and reliability, with an industry leading 15-year replacement parts interval on capacitors and a 25-year total life expectancy. Industrial grade fans and an overall robust design and build means Toshiba UPS systems can meet or exceed any performance specification. With a wide 0 to 40°C operating environment temperature range and a system designed for 15,000 discharges, Toshiba UPS systems truly define long-term reliability.

3-Year Full On-site Warranty

All Toshiba UPS systems have a 3-year full on-site warranty covering parts and labor, nobody else in the UPS industry offers that.

Low Energy Usage

With the highest double-conversion (VFI) UPS efficiency, Toshiba UPS systems save on energy usage and overall operating costs.

Safest and Highest Quality UPS Power

Toshiba has the safest and highest quality lithium chemistry in the industry, with a design that uses no carbon for next-level long term stability and safety. The SCiB LTO lithium-ion batteries have a full 12-year onsite warranty, and a 20-year + total design life. This exceptionally long battery life eliminates the need for up to (3) battery replacements throughout the lifecycle of the batteries, significantly reducing the overall cost of ownership. Additionally, the Toshiba battery warranty is not pro-rated and should any issues arise, a full replacement will be honored within 12 years.

Smallest UPS Footprint Per kVA

Toshiba UPS systems have the smallest footprint per kVA in the market. High power produced by Toshiba’s SCiB LTO batteries equals less battery cabinets, less space requirement, and lower total cost of ownership.

Made and Supported in the USA

Toshiba UPS systems are designed, built, and tested in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Houston, TX. Inventory and parts are also stocked in Houston for quick nationwide deployment.


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