Turbines The Most Reliable Power Generation You Can Buy Or Rent

Turbine Generator

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Turbines are becoming more and more popular for continuous power needs, and it’s no wonder why – they offer the most reliable power generation available today. Here are four compelling reasons to choose a turbine over a diesel or natural gas generator.


Uptime! Uptime! Uptime! Turbines are made to run continuously for months at a time, so you’ll enjoy more uptime than any other type of power generation.

Long Service Intervals

Service Intervals for turbines are generally once every 6 months, compared to monthly service intervals for most generators.

Flexible Fuel Options

Many turbines offer several fuel choices, including Field Gas, Pipeline Gas, Diesel, and Kerosene.


We mentioned the uptime of turbines, but the extremely high reliability cannot be understated. Reliability of a natural gas generator is pretty great, but still cannot compare to the reliability and longevity of a turbine, they are simply the most reliable and longest running form of power generation you can buy (or rent).

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