Video Tour Airman Mobile Diesel Generators

Global Power Supply is pleased to offer ANA Airman mobile diesel generators. Airman has been manufacturing the highest-quality mobile generators since 1971 and is a staple among rental companies, power generation specialists and construction contractors alike. Global Power Supply is offering prime power models ranging from 25 kVA to 400 kVA, with units featuring best-in-class dBA sound rating, 24-hour runtime fuel tanks and include auxiliary fuel tank connections for extended runtimes. Airman generators include the industry’s best automatic voltage regulation (±0.5%) with the widest range of voltage selection and best-in-class motor starting capability.

Each Airman generator features an intuitive Deep Sea Electronics (DSE) control panel for simplified operation. The auto start digital control includes configurable inputs and outputs, audible alarms, engine status and shut down information, a fuel usage monitor, and many other user-friendly features.

The optional SmartLoad technology from ANA Airman automatically optimizes the load on the generator for maximum operating efficiency and reliability. The SmartLoad system monitors electrical loads off of the generator and automatically engages if the load is 30% or less. The SmartLoad system adds 33-40% load to the generator (Up to 75% max.) and will instantaneously shut off when a load inrush is detected or 75% load is exceeded. Maintain power reliability, reduce maintenance and prevent wet stacking with the SmartLoad fully automatic load bank system from ANA Airman.

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