What is the Narada UPS Lithium Battery System?

What is the Narada Lithium UPS Battery System

Global Power Supply is an authorized U.S. distributor for Narada Lithium Battery Systems. Our engineering team has performed an extensive technical review of the Narada products and has determined that the Lithium Battery Systems are a good fit for many UPS backup power applications. Read our Q and A below to find out more about the Narada Lithium products.

1. What is unique about the Narada Lithium Battery System?

The Narada Lithium Battery System is a UPS battery system with a scalable, modular design that can be used in a wide range of UPS solutions. For a battery system, it has one of the smallest footprints, safest chemistries, and is a competitive option when looking to replace existing VRLA batteries.

2. What features can be controlled using the Narada Human Interface (HMI)? ?

The Narada HMI interface allows users to view system status and rack level information. Additionally, users can view alarm data, check storage and operation logs, temperatures, and many additional features.

3. What UPS systems are compatible with the Narada Battery Systems?

The Narada High Power Lithium Battery System is designed to provide modular power for a wide range of existing UPS systems. Check with us for more details.

4. Why choose the Narada Battery System instead of the UPS manufacturer’s battery cabinets?

The Narada Battery System offers a balance of cost, features, footprint, performance, design life, modular design, and compatibility with a wide range of UPS systems.

5. Can Narada Lithium Battery Systems replace existing VRLA batteries, what would be the biggest advantage of doing that?

Yes, the Narada High Power Lithium Battery System is VRLA battery replacement ready. The advantages of the Narada System are cost, extended design life, smaller footprint, and smart features not offered by most traditional VRLA battery solutions.

6. Can Narada Battery Systems be mixed with other battery technologies in the same system?

No. As with all battery systems different make, model, chemistries should never be mixed.

7. Are Narada Battery Systems only for battery replacements on existing UPS systems? Or would they also be used when putting together a new UPS solution?

The Narada battery solution can be used for existing installations and new installations.

Global Power Supply provides high-quality emergency backup power systems for businesses nationwide and we specialize in UPS battery backup systems. Please contact our experienced sales team with any additional questions, quote requests, or expert advice you may need. Request a formal UPS integration study from Global Power engineering services.