Why GPS Is Your One-Stop Shop for All Power System Needs

Diesel Generator Installation

Whether a hospital requires a reliable backup power system or an oil and gas company wants to implement a microgrid, each business, regardless of industry, will have its own needs and requirements.

So, whether you’re seeking an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system, an industrial diesel generator, a complete turnkey solution, or have no clue where to begin, Global Power Supply (GPS) can help.

As a full-service power supply provider, we offer the equipment and services necessary to help companies scale and grow their business without worrying about power outages or downtime.

Versatility, reliability, and innovation are what set Global Power Supply apart. Learn more about GPS and how it has been assisting companies for two decades and counting. Now, let’s jump into how we can help you.

Who Is GPS, and What Do We Provide?

Global Power Supply provides new and used generators and UPS systems from leading manufacturers in the critical power industry. We operate nationwide and offer in-house logistics and project management services. We tackle projects of all sizes, and our end-to-end engineering and equipment services ensure customized solutions.

We offer a wide range of critical power equipment, from automatic transfer switches (ATS) and UPS backup systems to battery energy storage (BESS) solutions. However, that is just the beginning, as GPS designs, installs, and maintains customized power solutions. GPS offers engineering and project management teams to businesses nationwide, supporting companies in the following industries and applications:

  • Agriculture
  • Broadcast event
  • Construction
  • Data centers
  • Distribution
  • Education
  • Facility management
  • Food and beverage
  • Government
  • Hospitals and healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Oil and gas
  • Renewables
  • Transportation
  • Utilities

Helping Companies Balance Traditional Power and Renewables

There are many applications where GPS solely provides backup generators and power solutions to reduce the risks of outages. Most businesses still rely on the grid, so they require backup solutions to ensure power continuity. However, many scenarios exist where renewables, combined with traditional fossil fuels, help companies expand and ensure compliance.

Innovation drives the solutions offered by GPS, which is particularly critical for certain industries, such as oil and gas. As oil and gas companies face rising pressure to reduce environmental impact, they require innovative solutions. GPS incorporates renewables into its microgrid projects, helping companies optimize operations with cost-effective, sustainable solutions.

For many companies, especially those that cannot afford a moment of downtime, energy storage systems and traditional backup solutions are implemented. This approach ensures companies get the best of both worlds—a cost-effective, environmentally friendly solution and reliable, continuous power.

Addressing Each Company’s Unique Needs Is What We Do

Each industry has unique considerations, as do individual companies within those industries. Working one-on-one with an expert like GPS means you can create a critical power system intended for your project or ongoing business operations. For example, a data center must have an uninterrupted system 365 days a year—just as farmers require solutions that eliminate the risk of potentially detrimental product waste due to power loss.

While both businesses need reliable, continuous power, the applications significantly differ.

Even when comparing two farms or two data centers, each business must consider its unique requirements, including on-site factors like spacing, budget, and operational goals. One farm may expand in an area where they have no access to the grid, whereas another may install a UPS system to ensure livestock have water or its freezers continue running during power outages.

Whether you’re a poultry farmer or a large-scale greenhouse operation, your farm is unique—so are your power needs. This concept applies to all businesses in all industries, which is why GPS focuses on customized solutions and a diverse inventory.

Offering tailored solutions is what GPS does and has done since 2004.

We have watched industries transform, and we’ve evolved alongside them. That expertise and access to top-quality equipment make all the difference to the businesses GPS works with. Whether they are navigating the energy transition or simply want greater peace of mind after facing an unexpected weather event, GPS has a solution.

Location Is Another Variable When Planning for Possible Outages

GPS works closely with businesses like yours, understanding each company’s unique circumstances.

GPS relies on our years of experience and an expert team to tailor supplemental and backup power solutions to each business. Solutions are created based on the situation, ranging from urban installations with strict rules to remote locations with no access to utility power. This versatility makes GPS a one-stop shop for so many businesses.

At GPS, we help companies navigate their individual challenges and ongoing concerns. Location-based power preparedness is a major aspect of that approach. For example, in 2024, certain states will experience hurricanes that will likely result in outages. The grids most at risk are those in Florida, Texas, and Louisiana.

So, when working with companies in these regions or those experiencing low power grid reliability, location can weigh heavily on the power system’s design. GPS considers these complex variables to create solutions that support access to reliable power while reducing risks that could hinder business growth. While not all businesses experience multi-million dollar losses, outages collectively cost North American companies billions each year.

Downtime can be a disaster for companies, regardless of size, location, or industry, which is why GPS is so proud to help companies become more proactive. The goal is to implement power systems that prevent losses businesses may not recover from. GPS also strives to encourage innovative infrastructure solutions that benefit companies long-term.

Dive Deeper Into the Solutions Offered by GPS

At GPS, we offer end-to-end solutions across the following:

  • Inventory: From natural gas and diesel generators to energy storage solutions, GPS buys, sells, and leases power equipment nationwide.
  • Buying generators and UPS systems: GPS buys large commercial and industrial generators (100kW and up), offering free evaluations and top cash offers. The same applies to large UPS battery backup power systems, battery cabinets, and electrical switchgear.
  • Complete turnkey solutions: Whether your project requires an engineered system design, custom configurations, or preventative maintenance, GPS offers customized, fully-supported critical power solutions. Turnkey installation options include:

    – Site surveys

    – Design and engineering

    – Provide ATS and conduit wiring

    – On-site construction

    – Delivery, offload, install

    – Fueling and startup

    – Preventative maintenance

    – Remote monitoring

  • Support services: Power equipment services range from power infrastructure solutions to power engineering services.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

Whether your manufacturing facility wants to properly size a commercial generator or your oil and gas operation is moving offshore and needs to adjust its power strategy, Global Supply Power can assist you. We understand every industry, business, and project is different.

The first step is to contact us to discuss your needs, concerns, and options. Taking control over your power supply today could mean the difference between a stagnant business and continued growth tomorrow.

If you’re ready to chat and invest in the future of your business, contact GPS. Learn more about our high-quality inventory, engineering designs, turnkey installation processes, and professional services today!