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Global Power Supply designs, installs, and maintains complex and customized industrial power solutions. We are a distributor and reseller of several of the top manufacturers of turbine generators and we can objectively suggest the right equipment for your project. Our customers’ priorities are our priorities, and we strive to provide peace of mind along with a reliable and affordable power solution.

Siemens Turbine

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Engineering services for complex industrial projects. Electrical studies built to determine safe and effective power applications. From arc flash studies to power system short circuit and microgrid applications.

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Global Power Supply (GPS) is a full service provider of new and used power systems including new and used turbines, diesel generators, natural gas generators, custom genset enclosures, UPS power systems, automatic transfer switches (ATS), and electrical switchgear.

Turbine Generators
T60 Turbine Generator
T60 Turbine
Solar Turbine T60

T60 Solar® Turbines Taurus 60Hz Mobile / Skid 7301

Self-contained mobile generator set comprised of the gas turbine assembly from the air inlet filtration system to the exhaust stack with the gas producer, reduction gearbox, and electric generator. The supplied turbine equipment is mounted on an industrial steel frame and shall include the lubricating oil system with oil cooler and gas fuel operation, power control building (PCB) with quick connect plugs to interface with the turbine skid. The (PCB) contains switchgear for generator and package load transformer, battery system for turbine control, battery system for switchgear, motor control center for package support system, and remote control computer.

Specifications Overview

Rating: 5200 kWe–per ISO
Fuel: Natural gas (can convert to dual diesel/NG with additional charges)
Upgrades: SoLoNOx

Two 5MW fully reconditioned packages completing production at this time. Each unit is configured for fast deployment, plug and play control cabling. Both units will have new engines.

The units come complete with a new control trailer fitted with halon fire suppression system, computer server, motor control center and 13,8kv programable main circuit breaker. The trailer is fitted with a grounding resistor bank as well as a 300 kva transformer for use when house control power is not available.

Solar T60 Turbine

Siemens A05 60Hz 5.7MW

Turbine Specs:
• Output power @ ISO conditions: 5.7 MW, 2.6kV, 4.16kv, 13.8kV 60Hz
• A05 Siemens lightweight aero-derivative gasturbine package
• Dry gas fuel system with dry low emissions (DLE) combustors
• Wet gas fuel system with wet lean emissions (WLE) combustors
• Fuel type: LNG, CNG, field/line gas
• 128,000lbs
• 9’8″ wide x 50′ long x 12’8″ high
• Noise suppression system available
• Max flow rate per turbine: 40-60 mcf per hour
• Supply pressure: 270-280 psi
• Minimum gas temperature: 36 deg F above dewpoint
• Max gas temperature: 20 deg F
• Min/max LHV: 800-1100 Btu
• Wobbe index: 1040-1300 Btu/SCF
• Max liquids: No liquids/Moisture/Oils Permissible
• Max partial size: 1 um
• Ethane content: <10%

Siemens Turbine
Siemens A05 Turbine
Taurus 50 Hz Turbine
Taurus 50 Hz Turbine Generator
Taurus 50 Hz Turbine Generator

50 Hz T60 Solar® Turbines Taurus 7301S or 7801S

Natural gas with SoLoNOx (can convert to dual diesel/NG with additional charges)

One unit is a T7901S / GSC package (5.67 MWe) built from new by the OEM. The gas turbine engine is a proven, robust design equipped for natural gas operation, with a SoLoNOx combustion system giving low emissions performance. The Leroy Somer generators provide reliable power for 50Hz applications.

The units are available for immediate shipment. Global Power Supply can support relocation, site installation, and long-term service support.

50hz Taurus T60 – Argen Packages

Manufacturer / model: Solar Turbines, Taurus T60 (7301S) or (7801S)
Time since new / major: 0
Power output (ISO): 5700 kWe
Combustion type: Low Emissions DLN
Fuel configuration: Gas fuel, natural gas
Generator make: Leroy Somer LSA 56
Frequency: 50 Hz
Rated voltage: 6300 V
Rated output: 6750 kVA
Control system: Siemens turbotronic S4 (TTS4), local package mounted
Fire and gas system: Included
Air filtration system: G4 efficiency 36,000 cfm air intake
Exhaust silencer: Included

20MW or 50MW Twin Pac

The FT4C-3F Twin Pac is an outdoor, completely self-contained, automatic, gas turbine powered electric generating plant, nominally 60 HZ rated at 53 MW at 59 deg F.

The unit contains all the equipment required for local unattended operation and provisions for inter- connection to a remote- control panel.

It has the capability to start-up in the event of loss of purchaser provided AC electrical power when the unit is in a stand-by condition.

This built- in starting capability, plus the ability of the unit to assume full load in less than four minutes after initiation of the start signal, provides excellent protection in the event of a black-out.

• Minimum load 10MW
• Low NOx enhancement
• 14,000 hour continuous operation
• Can operate as 20MW or 50MW configuration

50MW Twin Pac
• Gas consumption @ 50MW: 332,510 SCF/HR or 15,539 lb/HR
• 13,800 volts (direct main breaker connection)
• Demineralized water consumption: 20 – 50 GPM (single engine – double @ 50MW)
• Black start requirements: None –supported within package
• Noise rating: 80 dBA @ 50’
• Estimated rate (BTU/kWh) – 11,910
• Estimated NOX (PPMVD@ 15% O2)(Water Injection) 35 PPM / CO -247

50MW Twin Pac Turbine Generator




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