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Standby Diesel Generators

At Global Power Supply, we understand that data centers need 100% power reliability, 365 days a year. The world's technology depends on data centers and with a data center backup power solution from Global Power Supply, you achieve dependable uptimes and expand your power infrastructure. You can trust that all of your backup equipment will be operational in the event of a power outage, with no interruption.

As experienced providers of data center backup power solutions, our customers trust us to design, install, test and maintain complex backup power systems. We provide high quality new, surplus, and refurbished diesel generators from the top manufacturers in the power industry. Using top quality power equipment adds to the life and dependability of a data center backup power system. But generators are just part of a complete backup power solution for a data center. Our team specializes in complete data center power solutions, from new custom enclosed generators to industrial UPS systems, automatic transfer switches and data center cooling equipment.

Standby Diesel Power Solutions



UPS Power System Rentals and Sales

Whether it's a planned facility upgrade, disaster recovery or limited capital budget, UPS solutions from GPS provide efficient, reliable, and cost-effective rental power of all shapes and sizes to a wide range of industries. From our self-contained mobile solutions to fixed indoor applications, GPS has the solutions to solve your temporary power needs.

With our 24/7 on call emergency service, you can trust that GPS will provide your project with dependable power from start to finish. Let our team of power experts engineer your next power generation solution, we're just a call away.


CIM Modules ( Critical Infrastructure Modules )

Power and data CIM modules provide a means to respond to today's market demands: As a pre-wired, pretested, UL inspected, integrated, cost effective, modular solution.

CIM Module Core CIM Module Internal Structure


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