Size a Generator Application Study

Engineering Provides a Generator Size

Global Power Supply provides a specialized generator sizing and application study, which involves a detailed examination of your existing power system. The study is typically performed to identify the most suitable generator set for backup power, peak shaving, and continuous power supply applications. Our goal is to enhance the reliability and efficiency of your power system, reduce energy costs, and ensure power continuity during outages or any interruptions of the primary power source.

Our engineers study system modeling and simulation data, while considering fuel type, size, power output capacity, peak demand periods, existing infrastructure, accessibility, optimal location, and integration. Based on the results of our simulations, our team of expert engineers will provide specific, actionable recommendations for incorporating generator sets into your power system.

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cummins multiple megawatt facility
Caterpillar Generator Fuel Configuration Detail

Proper Generator Sizing

Our engineers aim to provide you with actionable insights and strategies to improve your power systems beyond the generator sizing.

Potential Insights and Recommendations:

  • System Model
  • Simulation Data
  • Type of Generator
  • Placement Installation
  • Interconnection Study
  • Control Engineering
  • Reliability Study

Power System Analysis

Operational strategy and maintenance scheduling recommendations will be included to ensure long-term reliability and efficiency.

In order to maintain emission compliance for all applications, we consider local regulations and environmental standards. With these factors taken into account, we recommend generator models that are compliant with any relevant regulations, and will propose system modifications to reduce emissions when required.

We offer assembly, installation, maintenance services, training and support – making sure that your power system is properly installed, and effectively managed moving forward.

etap example load flow report stack
generator sizing load analysis

“As our Nashville, TN based company expanded into the cold storage warehouse business, we knew that adding an emergency backup power source was a necessity. A lot of companies wanted to sell us a generator, but we didn’t know exactly how much power we needed. Global Power Supply took an intelligent approach and recommended we start with a generator application study, which included a complete analysis of the electrical infrastructure and equipment at the facility. With the data collected, Global Power’s engineers were able to determine the exact size of the backup generator we needed, as well as find the optimal location to minimize installation costs.”

Heather S. / Cold Storage Business Owner

Arc Flash Study

Arc flash studies should be updated whenever significant modifications are made to the electrical system, to ensure that there is no arc flash hazard.

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BESS Application Study

We create a detailed model of your power system and use it to simulate scenarios involving the deployment of a Battery Energy Storage System.

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Generator Application Study

Whether it's for backup power, peak shaving, or continuous power supply, the goal is to enhance the reliability and efficiency of your power system.

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Microgrid Study

Based on the results of our simulations, our team of engineers will provide specific, actionable items for integrating a microgrid into your power system.

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Short Circuit Study

This study involves a detailed analysis of your power system to identify and manage the potential risks associated with short circuits.

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UPS Services Study

A comprehensive evaluation of your power system to determine the need, feasibility, and optimal strategy for integrating a UPS system.

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Generac Standby Generator

Generac Gensets with Toshiba/Eaton UPS and Asco ATS for Dalton Georgia

Software and infrastructure surrounding the functioning of this digital ledger
is an energy intensive enterprise. Continuous power is crucial for data centers.

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MTU Onsite Energy Custom Generator Enclosure

Full-Service Asset Recovery and Removal for Farmers Insurance Group

Farmers Insurance Group is 227 on the Fortune 500 List and exceeds $12 billion dollars a year in revenue.

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Power Infrastructure Solutions

Global Power Supply offers a full range of power equipment services, from site surveys and engineering reviews, to complete power system installations, maintenance and remote monitoring.