Power Services for Utility Providers

Utility companies, city governments, and municipalities provide millions of Americans with the necessary services and infrastructure they need daily. These resources require reliable primary and backup power sources, whether electricity or water.

Without the right systems in place, utility companies are not the only ones that become vulnerable. Loss of power and water can significantly reduce community productivity levels and become a public safety concern.

At Global Power Supply, we understand the importance and value of emergency generators and backup power for municipalities. Planning for the unexpected, including unplanned power outages, can ensure the power stays on.

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Winter Ice Storm on Powerlines

Snapshot of the process:

Being prepared for the worst is a must for the utilities industry. Power outages can come in many forms, from weather related events, natural disasters, a general blackout, or an equipment failure on the aging power grid.

Installation Services

  • Site Surveys
  • Design and Engineering
  • Provide ATS and Conduit Wiring
  • On-Site Construction
  • Delivery, Offload, Install
  • Fueling and Startup
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Remote Monitoring
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Backup Power Is Necessary for Municipalities and Utility Companies

Intense, destructive storms are becoming more common, and action is required to maintain reliable power systems.

If a storm causes a citywide power outage, backup systems must be available.

Generators and uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems are critical for:

  • Public facilities and buildings that provide essential services, such as schools, police stations, town halls, and hospitals.
  • Water supply companies and water treatment facilities.
  • Energy and power suppliers, including power plants or any other company that generates/provides power.

Global Power Supply offers a large selection of backup power generators and UPS systems. These solutions and services ensure backup power for city services like water/wastewater and electricity.

Discover Available Critical Power Equipment

Power Equipment for Utility Facilities

The possibilities are vast when working with an experienced equipment and services provider. With Global Power Supply, you gain access to:

  • Standby generator packages
  • Rental mobile diesel generators
  • Rapid deployment
  • Caterpillar, Cummins, Hipower, and more
  • Sound attenuated generators
  • A 24/7 service call hotline
  • Custom enclosures
  • Load banks, ATS, and cables
  • Nationwide support
  • Emissions controls and code compliance
  • Monitoring and service support

Ask about our trailer mounted UPS power systems providing rental power for system upgrades and maintenance cycles for hospital grade high-quality, reliable, and cost-effective rental power precisely when you need it. This is our Super Bowl UPS system.

Consider Turnkey Power Solutions and Support
MTU Diesel Generator
Caterpillar Rental Generator
Cummins Diesel Generator

The Value of Diesel or Natural Gas Generators

Investing in a diesel or natural gas generator is an effective way to plan for an outage. When paired with an automatic transfer switch (ATS), utility companies can ensure a reliable source of backup power that starts immediately in response to an outage.

If you provide more than 3,300 people with water, a reliable generator can be part of your emergency response plan — something required under America’s Water Infrastructure Act of 2018 (AWIA)

A generator will ensure electric pumps continue operating as expected if there is an outage. The same applies to essential water purification and sewage treatment equipment.

Each municipality must consider its unique needs and develop custom solutions. For example, a region with a lot of precipitation may require backup generators for stormwater pumps. In other scenarios, routine or maintenance services may force companies to shut off the power, making a generator invaluable to smooth operations.

Global Power Supply is here to help you keep the power on. We are a full-service provider of new and used power systems, stocking industrial prime and standby generators from manufacturers like:

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UPS Systems for Utility Companies

An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is critical in any scenario where unexpected power disruptions could result in financial losses, injuries, privacy issues, data loss, etc.

In the case of utility companies, these critical facilities (and their customers) cannot afford downtime.

Global Power Supply provides a specialized UPS study — a comprehensive evaluation of your existing power systems. This study will determine the feasibility and need for a UPS system and then develop an integration strategy.

Do you want to enhance the efficiency and reliability of your current power system to ensure continuity during unexpected or planned outages?

UPS Systems for Sale and Rent


  • Immediate delivery
  • Installation & Support
  • Only the Best of Class UPS
  • 10 kVA to 1200 kVA
  • Self-contained trailers or indoor packages
  • Toshiba, Eaton, Mitsubishi

Ask about our trailer-mounted UPS power systems, which provide rental power for system upgrades and maintenance cycles. These systems provide hospital-grade, high-quality, reliable, and cost-effective rental power precisely when needed. This is our Super Bowl UPS system.

Browse UPS Systems
Toshiba UPS Systems
UPS System Rental Trailer
Waukesha Natural Gas Generator
Generator Installation

Benefit From Expert Services That Matter

Navigating backup power plans, generators, and UPS systems can be tough, which is why an experienced partner is invaluable.

At Global Power Supply, we offer a range of engineering and equipment-related services, including:

  • Installations nationwide, regardless of size.
  • Engineering services, including project management programs, power engineering support, and generator/UPS sizing.
  • Ongoing preventative maintenance and monitoring to help you identify issues before failures result.
  • Alternative energy support, focusing on energy storage systems, microgrids, and renewables.

Global Power Supply Provides Customized Solutions

Whether it’s a backup generator for water treatment plants or backup power for cell towers, having backup electrical power generators and UPS systems will support operations and the people who rely on what you provide.

While the objective is similar for utility companies and municipalities, each company or government will require a unique approach as they aim for continuity.

Global Power Supply understands that every power project differs. We can help you navigate your needs and objectives by designing and engineering a backup power system built with your company or municipality in mind.

Our end-to-end service means that Global Power Supply is a one-stop shop for all things related to critical power solutions, whether it’s equipment selection, design, installation, testing, or ongoing monitoring and maintenance.

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