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A Power Distribution Units (PDU) provides power distribution, voltage transformation, metering, status monitoring, and load profiling with easy adaptation and expansion without costly electrical rework. PDUs provide reliable data center power distribution for both raised and non-raised floor applications. To deliver effective power management and monitoring, a PDU incorporates power management systems, optimizing both utilization and availability down to the branch circuit level. The optional web-enabled, real-time monitoring can provide for power quality status and fast response to power-related events.

Three-phase power distribution units are designed for use with all three-phase uninterruptible power systems (UPSs) and three-phase power sources. A PDU is housed in a single, free-standing cabinet.

PDUs monitor and report, input voltages - phase to phase, output voltages - phase to phase and phase to neutral, output current, kVA, kW, frequency, ground current, power factor, load per phase, and more. Depending on the manufacturer and unit features, additional features are available; alarm monitoring, smoke alarms, temperature alarms, and fault alarms.

Data Center Power Distribution

Data Center Power Distribution

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