Microgrids for Industrial Facilities

Microgrid for Industrial Facilities


What is a Microgrid?

A microgrid is an engineered power delivery configuration consisting of on-site electric components either custom or modular in a connected and controlled environment to meet a very specific energy requirement while also focusing on the environment and sustainability while improving (or increasing) increasing resilience. Microgrids can operate connected to the utility or independently. Maybe say – “Microgrids that incorporate renewable power generation and energy storage can operate in “island mode” a self-contained electrical network.

Optimizing operations and designing a microgrid that is cost-effective can provide a business the energy independence,resilience and operational flexibility to survive over the decades of growth and economic change that a commercial or industrial facility needs to succeed.

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Commercial and Industrial Power Solutions



Size matters. The early adopters have a considerable power footprint to accommodate the economy of scale to see the benefits on energy costs:

Expertise is Required

Energy independence in the distributed energy space is an expertise GPS has developed through our decades of experience in on-site power delivery and project management.

Microgrids optimize your energy operations with cost-effective, sustainable multi-resource power solutions that include renewable energy sources with new emerging technologies in combination with old methods that can significantly reduce emissions and provide resilience.

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On-Site PowerEnergy Infrastructure

Consider the complexity of interlinked systems using these assets:

We work with partners from all industries from OEMs, consultants, procurement managers, engineering firms, developers, property owners, and many more in financing and operations.

Operations, maintenance, ongoing optimization and asset management are delivered as part of a microgrid project – comprehensive management services.



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