Energy Storage Systems Application Study

ESS Energy Storage System Integration to Existing Power Systems

Battery Energy Storage Systems are a growing technology that businesses from many industries are incorporating into their overall power solution. Global Power Supply provides a specialized Battery Energy Storage Application Study, which involves a comprehensive assessment of your power system to determine the feasibility, benefits, and potential challenges of integrating a Battery Energy Storage System (BESS). Our goal is to enhance the reliability and efficiency of your power system, and ensure that you leverage your energy storage solutions.

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Detailed Modeling:

Global Power Supply aims to provide a valuable service using proven data analysis techniques to determine a custom solution for your business.

Specific actionable recommendations:

  • Optimal Sizing
  • Integration Strategies
  • Control & Operation
  • Maintenance
  • Monitoring
  • Regulatory Compliance
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Load Flow & Reliability Study

Our engineers collect and study detailed data that includes load profiles, peak demand periods, existing power generation infrastructure, and future growth plans. We model and simulate various scenarios involving the integration of a BESS into your power system to ensure optimal performance. We consider optimal BESS sizing, integration strategies, operation and control strategies, maintenance and monitoring, and regulatory compliance.

Based on the results, our team of expert engineers will provide specific, actionable recommendations for maintaining continuous power supply for your Battery Energy Storage System.

We offer assembly, installation, maintenance services, training and support – making sure that your unit is properly installed, and effectively managed moving forward.

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“We were contacted by the tribal leaders from an island community in Alaska who were trying to eliminate power outages created by demand spikes on their system from the local pulping mill. They had tried diesel generation, but the cost to ship, store and insure diesel fuel in remote Alaska was too high for a small community. The solution turned out to be a Battery Energy Storage System (BESS). The BESS system was able to store and provide enough power to smooth out the spikes in demand with a quick 24 month payback.”

Karl J. / Alternative Power Systems Expert

Arc Flash Study

Arc flash studies should be updated whenever significant modifications are made to the electrical system, to ensure that there is no arc flash hazard.

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BESS Application Study

We create a detailed model of your power system and use it to simulate scenarios involving the deployment of a Battery Energy Storage System.

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Generator Application Study

Whether it's for backup power, peak shaving, or continuous power supply, the goal is to enhance the reliability and efficiency of your power system.

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Microgrid Study

Based on the results of our simulations, our team of engineers will provide specific, actionable items for integrating a microgrid into your power system.

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Short Circuit Study

This study involves a detailed analysis of your power system to identify and manage the potential risks associated with short circuits.

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UPS Services Study

A comprehensive evaluation of your power system to determine the need, feasibility, and optimal strategy for integrating a UPS system.

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California Water Company needed to replace (2) backup generators but lead times from manufacturers were over 50 weeks.



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New MTU Genset for Key West Florida

Catastrophic weather is a public works director’s worst nightmare. A massive
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Global Power Supply offers a full range of power equipment services, from site surveys and engineering reviews, to complete power system installations, maintenance and remote monitoring.