Uninterruptible Power Supply Study

Integrating a UPS Backup Power System

Global Power Supply provides a specialized Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) study, which involves a comprehensive evaluation of your existing power systems. The study is performed to determine the need, feasibility, and optimal strategy for integrating an UPS system. Our goal is to enhance the reliability and efficiency of your power system, and ensure power continuity during outages or power disruptions of the primary power source.

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UPS Data Center Installation

Value to You:

Protect critical loads, existing power infrastructure, and eliminate the risk of power disruptions.

This study delivers key details for an optimal UPS system:

  • UPS Sizing
  • Topology
  • Placement
  • Installation
  • Monitoring
  • Battery Maintenance Plan
  • Training
  • Support
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Power System Evaluation

Our engineers collect and study detailed data that includes the nature and requirements of your critical loads, existing power infrastructure, and the history and risk of power disruptions. We consider optimal UPS sizing, UPS topology, placement and installation, maintenance and monitoring, load segregation, and redundancy and scalability. Based on the results, our team of expert engineers will provide specific, actionable recommendations for maintaining continuous power supply for your critical operations.

We offer assembly, installation, maintenance services, training and support – making sure that your unit is properly installed, and effectively managed moving forward.

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“Power outages in our area are rare, but when they do happen it’s usually suddenly and without warning. We had never had any major equipment issues with past power blips, but several months ago we had a power outage in the middle of the afternoon, and it caused some serious damage to our servers and ultimately our entire business. Since then, we’ve had a complete assessment of our electrical systems and installed a custom configured UPS system that will protect us from power outages in the future. ”

Jeff L. / Small Business Owner

Arc Flash Study

Arc flash studies should be updated whenever significant modifications are made to the electrical system, to ensure that there is no arc flash hazard.

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BESS Application Study

We create a detailed model of your power system and use it to simulate scenarios involving the deployment of a Battery Energy Storage System.

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Generator Application Study

Whether it's for backup power, peak shaving, or continuous power supply, the goal is to enhance the reliability and efficiency of your power system.

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Microgrid Study

Based on the results of our simulations, our team of engineers will provide specific, actionable items for integrating a microgrid into your power system.

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Short Circuit Study

This study involves a detailed analysis of your power system to identify and manage the potential risks associated with short circuits.

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UPS Services Study

A comprehensive evaluation of your power system to determine the need, feasibility, and optimal strategy for integrating a UPS system.

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case study nbc

UPS Upgrade Commissioned by Kizyma Electric for NBC Studios

Summer 2017 - Global Power Supply (GPS) was commissioned by Kizyma Electric for a 500 kVA UPS upgrade at a Los Angeles National Broadcasting Company (NBC) studio.

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Uninterruptible Power Supply Partnership

Global Power Supply provided a pre-owned replacement UPS system within four days, and the installation was complete within two weeks.

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Power Infrastructure Solutions

Global Power Supply offers a full range of power equipment services, from site surveys and engineering reviews, to complete power system installations, maintenance and remote monitoring.