Leasing Services

Flexible financing options to keep your facility online in the event of power loss. Structure a financial program for your critical power system.

Power Equipment Leasing Services

Getting the equipment you need on a timely basis is critical. Thus, Global Power Supply's finance process is streamlined to get you the equipment you need as quickly as possible. Our objective is to understand your pressing needs and provide a prompt assessment of a proposed financial structure to execute the transaction. We work with your specifications to deliver an appropriate leasing and finance option for you.

At GPS, we pride ourselves on our ability to build and maintain solid customer relationships, in addition to our dedication to providing the services you need, free from any geographical limitations. Our flexible financing options offer you the insurance you need to keep your facilities online in the event of power loss.

Commercial Finance:

Our commercial finance options allow mid-sized and large companies to arrange structured debt and lease financing for critical power equipment. Our industry experience is made evident across a variety of financial work, especially crafting financial strategies for capital equipment expenditures.

Tax Deductible:

In many cases, equipment lease payments may be fully tax-deductible. Under IRS Section 179, businesses may write-off the entire purchase price of equipment in the year it is acquired.

Preserve Your Credit Lines:

Keep your credit lines and borrowing capabilities available for emergency situations, operational costs and short-term financing needs.

Conserve Your Cash and Working Capital:

Don't tie up your cash in equipment which you can lease over time. Keep your money available for marketing, seasonal cash flow needs and working capital.

Improve Cash Flow:

Equipment leasing allows you to pay for the equipment as income is earned from its use.


Unlike a bank, leasing is easy and convenient. Leave all of the bank paperwork behind. Simply complete a one-page application, including an equipment quote and you will have a quick response.

Eliminate Obsolescence:

Keep your business current by leasing up-to-date equipment which eliminates inefficiencies and maintains business profit.


Operational expense funding arrangements are available across the full gamut of our used and surplus new diesel generators. On-premise infrastructure can be rented or leased.

A leased GPS generator provides a relatively quick infrastructure solution for a predictable monthly fee. The result is that businesses can use their capital to expand and grow their business, generating the revenue to afford continued growth while transforming what would otherwise be a large capital investment into smooth operational expense.

Capital investments impact budgets, stock price, and are heavily scrutinized for ROI often through directors or investors. Operational expense, in contrast, is expensed within the year and fall inline with critical power required business models. Rethinking OPEX derived backup power into your business could prove to be a competitive advantage.

At Global Power Supply, we are experts at providing high quality, reliable generators at competitive prices and with flexible options to meet our customers' needs including rentals, lease, rent-to-own, and purchase.

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