Microgrid Application Study

Integration and Operation of a Microgrid

Global Power Supply provides a specialized Microgrid Application Study, which involves a comprehensive analysis of your existing power system to identify optimal strategies for integrating a microgrid. Our expert engineers create a model of your power system and simulate different scenarios involving the integration and operation of a microgrid. The simulations allow our engineers to understand the potential benefits, costs, and challenges of applying a microgrid in your specific context. Our goal is to provide you with insights and ultimately recommend the tools necessary to improve your power system’s resilience and efficiency.

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Grid Weakness Wildfires

Distributed Energy Resource

Provide you with the insights and tools necessary to achieve controlled, coordinated microgrid power.

Snapshot of Potential Benefits:

  • Power Generation
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Peak Shaving
  • Renewable
  • Scalable
  • Compatible with Existing Assets
  • Compliant Locally

Modeling and Power Flow Design

Our engineers study system modeling and simulation data created around critical data specific to your existing power systems. Based on the results of our simulations, our team of expert engineers will provide specific, actionable recommendations for integrating a microgrid into your power system, type of microgrid, components that should be included in the microgrid, strategies for managing energy within the microgrid, guidelines on how to integrate the microgrid with any existing power systems and infrastructure, and preferred location and orientation for the system.

In order to maintain regulatory compliance, we consider local regulations and environmental standards related to the installation and operation of microgrids when providing advice.

We offer assembly, installation, maintenance services, training and support – making sure that your microgrid is properly installed, and effectively managed moving forward.

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power transmission planning

“In recent years, our northern California facility has been increasingly affected by Public Safety Power Shutoff’s (PSPS), which sometimes results in power outages lasting several days. We were able to maintain operations with rental generators in the past, but because our business is so reliant on power, we were looking for a long-term solution that would provide greater energy security and resiliency. A microgrid solution turned out to be the perfect solution. It allows us to charge energy storage systems that will automatically kick in and provide supplemental power at peak periods, which saves us money on utility bills, and also will power our entire facility off-grid for up to a week.”

Ron M. / Oil and Gas Field Operations

Arc Flash Study

Arc flash studies should be updated whenever significant modifications are made to the electrical system, to ensure that there is no arc flash hazard.

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BESS Application Study

We create a detailed model of your power system and use it to simulate scenarios involving the deployment of a Battery Energy Storage System.

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Generator Application Study

Whether it's for backup power, peak shaving, or continuous power supply, the goal is to enhance the reliability and efficiency of your power system.

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Microgrid Study

Based on the results of our simulations, our team of engineers will provide specific, actionable items for integrating a microgrid into your power system.

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Short Circuit Study

This study involves a detailed analysis of your power system to identify and manage the potential risks associated with short circuits.

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UPS Services Study

A comprehensive evaluation of your power system to determine the need, feasibility, and optimal strategy for integrating a UPS system.

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UPS backup power system trailer

State-of-the-Art Lithium-Ion UPS Battery Backup for Super Bowl 52

Nicknamed “Hercules”, GPS’s leading-edge technology rental trailer will be on site at Super Bowl LII (52) in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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Sofi Stadium Aerial View

Caterpillar Generators for Inglewood California

November 2016 construction broke ground on the SOFI Stadium in Inglewood, CA, with a budget nearing $5 billion, making it the most expensive venue to date.

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Power Infrastructure Solutions

Global Power Supply offers a full range of power equipment services, from site surveys and engineering reviews, to complete power system installations, maintenance and remote monitoring.