Battery Energy Storage Systems

Microgrid for Industrial Facilities


BESS or Battery Energy Storage Systems

BESS or Battery Energy Storage Systems help solve the problem of intermittent renewable energy by saving the power when it is available but not necessarily when it is needed, and making it available when demand requires availability.

Indoor Battery Array



Battery Service

These turn-key modular battery systems are tailored to fit in distributed energy environments or microgrids with variable footprints, unique on-site requirements, scalability and large uptime needs.

GPS provides engineered state-of-the-art lithium-ion cells made of the highest quality materials and are extremely safe.



These battery systems are intelligently managed, cloud-based and are designed to rapidly respond to high energy demand and to smoothly demand on the utility, reducing peak loads and demand charges. A good example is the early evening peak loads contrasted against mid-day solar high generation.

There are many different configurations in use whether it is short-term bridging of power requirements or in combination with natural gas for resiliency or export to the electrical grid.

Modular Custom Enclosure







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