UPS System

UPS 300-500 kVA Trailer Mounted

UPS 300-500 kVA Trailer Mounted

Our 300-500 kVA trailer mounted UPS rentals are perfect for planned downtime, like power system maintenance or upgrades, as well as a backup power solution when losing power in unacceptable. Our large scale UPS rentals offer high quality, dependable power anywhere from 300-500 kVA. Our UPS rental trailers can be deployed nationwide, and we offer complete support and set up of the equipment on your schedule.

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UPS 300-500 kVA Trailer Mounted Specifications

SKU: 4791
Manufacturer: Mixed
battery type: VRLA DEKA Unigy Model: HR5500ET
width (inches): 102
output voltage: 480
height (inches): 162
input voltage: 480
kva: 500
model: Eaton / Powerware 9315
length/depth (inches): 336
weight (lbs): 40000
condition: Used
kw: 450
hours: 0
int#: 14347
Self-Contained UPS Trailer, to include the following:
Electrical Input / Output Switchgear
Air conditioning
300-500 kVA capacity

Battery Duration:
300 kVA - 23 minutes
400 kVA - 15 minutes
500 kVA - 10 minutes