Need an Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) Better Start With Your Transition Type

Automatic Transfer Switch for Generator

An Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) provides safe and dependable automatic transfer of electrical power from the utility main to the backup emergency power generator.

Which switch transition type do you need OT, DT, CT and Bypass?

Open Type

• 90% of all applications because it is the lowest cost

• No critical facility loads, that typically require more sophisticated transition options

Delayed Type

• High in-rush current loads such as, large motors, compressors, etc

• Controllable delayed transition

• Example application; pumping stations, food and textile process facilities, and distribution facilities

Closed Type

• Does not lose power – “make-before-brake” – on switch back from power outage

• Connection has both power sources available

• Example application; healthcare, data centers, heavy industrial facilities


• Bypass isolation with dual ATS mechanisms in parallel, packaged in one enclosure

• Redundant switching with total operational control and compartmentalized packaging

• Allows for maintenance to individual ATS packages while operational

• Example application; critical large institutions, zero downtime

What is service entrance rated? “A service entrance-rated transfer switch is a transfer switch that contains an integrated disconnecting device and meets the grounding and bonding requirements of the National Electrical Code for service entrance use.” ref. Asco Power

Other key parameters for Transfer Switch selection

• Application Load Size

• Infrastructure Compatibility in Amp/Volt/Hz/Poles

• Fault Rating

• NEMA Type Enclosures and Physical Size

• Code Requirements

• Customer Connection

Competitive features

• Swappable Internal Components

• Wide Range 200-480V

• Touchscreen programmable

• Software controllable with Auto Calibration

• Alarms with Customizable Text/Email Alerts

• Monitoring in the Cloud

• High Current Safety Alarms and Contact Wear Status

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