Is your Backup Generator Ready for the Hot Summer Months

Cummins Backup Generator

Outdated electrical infrastructure has added to a growing number of major power outages, which rose from 76 in 2007 to 307 in 2011 (ASCE 2013).

The costs of electricity interruptions are often under estimated. These costs caused by electricity interruptions occur in the form of idle worker time, product spoilage, equipment damage, and replacement costs. Electric Power Research Institute 2004 study found that industrial firms can each lose about $2,000 to $5,000 per power interruption, commercial establishments can lose $700 to $1,300. (American Society of Civil Engineers 2011 – LaCommare and Eto, 2004.)

• A simple power failure can cause outages and performance loss.

• Tree/wind-caused Damage

• Thunderstorms and Lightning Strikes

• Overloaded Overheated Equipment

• Increased Demand as Air Conditioning Runs Longer

• Animal Intrusions into Power Sensitive Environments

Steps to take today to ensure your generator is ready.

1. Tested & Enabled

Are all the power systems fully tested and in the correct “enabled” position after the last maintenance cycle.

2. Radiator Check

Is the cooling system ready for extended outages. Ensure radiator is clean, has adequate coolant mixture and level, is free if leaks, and is outfitted with a properly rated pressure cap.

3. Animal Intrusions

Transformers, poles, substations and power relays should all be redundant and protected from pests.

4. Fuel Source

Expect long outage runtimes and verify your fuel source provider. Do you have warranties in place for on-time delivery of fuel from your provider and an alternative if this provider fails to perform.

5. Enclosure Check

Inspected generator enclosure ventilation and operation.

6. Startup Systems

Has the starting systems functionality been verified. Ensure battery connections are clean and tight, that charging systems operate correctly, that water levels are adequate, and that batteries are not more than 3 years old.

Reach out to a Generator expert at Global Power Supply to build a regular equipment testing and preventative maintenance program.


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