Estimated Generator Lead Times Based on Requirements

Below is a list of estimated lead times based on different requirements. The GPS team is here to help. Contact us today and let our knowledge, expertise, and high quality inventory keep your project on schedule!

In-Stock Generators In-Stock Cummins 1500 kW

0-2 Weeks

Many of our in-stock generators are ready to ship immediately! Some of our more recent acquisitions have yet to be serviced and/or tested at the time of purchase, which is the main condition that creates a lead time of a week or two. At times, customers will request that we add some additional parts (fuel tank accessories to meet local codes, additional circuit breakers, etc…) which can be often be done within the two week window as well.

In-Stock Genset In-Stock MTU 2000 kW

8-12 Weeks

The longest lead time item in a generator project is typically the open-skid generator set itself. GPS has many open-skid generators in-stock that are ready for immediate customization. In an 8-12 week period we can typically have a custom enclosure/tank package fabricated to meet any spec.

Factory Ordered Genset Factory Ordered Cummins Genset

6-16 Weeks

For smaller gensets (1MW and below with most genset manufacturers), it is often unnecessary to bring in a custom enclosure/tank fabricator. All of the major manufacturers offer their own enclosure/tank packages that are assembled alongside the open-skid generator sets. These packages tend to be simplistic in nature, with fewer customizable options, but their utilization helps to reduce lead time since it isn’t necessary to send the completed open-skid gensets to a 3rd party for customization.

Waukesha L5108GL 760kW Genset with 3rd Party Enclosure

Up to 26 Weeks

This is the longest lead time scenario and is typical of larger generators (1250KW and up) going into outdoor applications. Once the open skid generator is manufactured (typically 10-16 weeks), it is then shipped to a 3rd party where customized enclosure/tank packages are built around the gensets. These custom fabricators have an array of options available and can meet virtually any specification desired, from stringent sound ratings, to arctic style packages designed for cold weather. Construction of the enclosures can start while the generator is being manufactured, but also require the generator to be present for at least 4 weeks. Thus, the longer lead time.

Do you have a time sensitive project right now?

These are estimates for average factory lead times. GPS specializes in fast track projects and can in fact often improve on these lead times.

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