Five Questions to Ask When Selecting a Generator Supplier

Generator Fleet

Five questions to ask when selecting a supplier for an emergency standby diesel generator.

1. Can the supplier provide you with multiple options, or just one?

Choices matter. Not every facility needs a specific brand, or even a genset that is brand new. GPS takes your needs into account before recommending a generator set and will often provide our customers several options rather than just one.

2. What role does the supplier play AFTER a purchase order is issued for the equipment?

Process matters. With many suppliers, the process ends once the equipment ships. GPS’s process typically ends when when our customers tell us the job is done. We deliver the equipment to the site, coordinate with installing contractors, provide startup and commission support, and can even provide maintenance services after the job is complete.

3. When providing pre-owned generators, what kind of quality assurances does the supplier provide to the customer to give them confidence in continued health of the equipment?

Quality matters. Many suppliers have no quality control measures in place and offer pre-owned equipment strictly on an “as is” basis. GPS offers certified pre-owned equipment with options for 6-24 months of Limited Warranty coverage so our customers remain confident that the lights will stay on.

4. Does the supplier offer flexible payment terms?

Cash flow is significant. Cash in advance is the blanket policy of many suppliers. GPS has a quick credit approval process and regularly offers creative payment terms that can help our customers to maintain positive cash flow.

5. Can the supplier buy your old equipment back, in addition to selling you something?

Paying YOU matters. All suppliers sell, but there not many will buy equipment back from their customers. GPS offers free equipment appraisals and regularly purchases used assets back from our customers. Whether it’s a trade in, an outright purchase, or a consignment, we love issuing POs to our customers.

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