Field Gas & Flaring

Natural Gas Industrial Generators For Field Gas Flaring

Thanks to technological improvements in natural gas generator engines and electronics, today's Oil and Gas companies are taking advantage of huge cost savings on fuel by utilizing natural gas generators that burn raw gas as it comes out of the wellhead. Instead of burning-off this natural gas, having it essentially going to waste and contributing emissions that harm the environment, it is being used to power the generators that in turn power their oil well pump jacks, man-camps, and other buildings. When compared to diesel fuel, the cost savings are enormous. There's no need to purchase the diesel fuel, arrange for fuel deliveries or stop working while refueling is taking place.

Natural Gas Dual Fuel Generators

Natural Gas Dual Fuel Generators

Global Power Supply has a large selection of clean-burning, energy efficient natural gas generators that run on low to no-cost wellhead gas, and can even switch automatically to burning liquid propane in case the gas coming out of the well is intermittent in quantity or quality. Our generators are inspected and tested and include low hour used, refurbished, and new suplus models. All of our oilfield generator sets are made by the top manufacturers in the industry, and deliver consistent power in the harsh, demanding oilfield environment.

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