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Commercial generators for greenhouses and indoor growing operations are a necessity because large scale off-grid cultivation requires consistent electricity loads to power proportionate amounts of cooling, heating and to properly maintain automation:

Automation in Greenhouse Facility

Greenhouse growing on an industrial scale presents a challenge to producers to build and scale their power needs to meet the high demand. As that power demand increases so do the risks when relying on the utility power grid. Some grow operations are located in remote, off-grid areas where power is not available or is slow to recover from power outages. As with any automation system, downtime can destroy yield and risks damaging computer systems and other sensitive equipment. It is not just the grow lamps that must stay on.

As of 2016, Cannabis is illegal under federal law, but marijuana cultivation has been legalized for medical or recreational use in 23 states and the District of Columbia. According to a 2012 report from Mountain High Organics, "Energy costs for indoor production cost $6 billion a year - six times the power needs of the entire U.S. pharmaceutical industry. A single marijuana growhouse has the same power needs of a similarly sized, energy-greedy data center."

Marijuana growing may be the next great energy hog but the green sustainable farming model has been consistently growing its onsite energy requirements. The need for that power to be protected and consistent for extended periods of time is an operational challenge. View an industrial greenhouse tour from supplier Greenhouse from Growers Supply.


Indoor Growing Facilities

In modern indoor growing, innovation is not unlike the requirements of a data center. Investors in industrial cultivation will be concerned about uptime guarantees and whether the equipment investment is properly protected. The cost of backup or long term continuous power can be mitigated by properly sizing load and taking advantage of long term leasing, trade ins or buy backs, and the availability of high quality pre-owned power equipment.

A common example in new grow operations, "My local utility will not be able to get me the 1500Amps 480V service I require for 18 months? What are my options?" Depending on the location and the size of the load, a mobile diesel unit can provide prime power until the utility power is available. This unit can be rented or purchased and then sold back to us in trade for a more permanent solution.



Global Power Supply has expertise from the oil and gas power generation business as well as our mission critical team expertise in data center power systems. We provide turnkey power solution installations nationwide with new, used and surplus equipment from the top brands in the industry. GPS also provides long term rental and leasing options, as well as asset recovery programs to upgrade your power equipment as your grow operation scales up.


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