Prepare for Late Hurricane Season Severe Weather Power Outages

Downed Power Line Causing Power Outages

Power Outages Have Doubled Due to Severe Weather

Severe weather has been a leading factor in doubling power outages over the past two decades across the United States, according to an Associated Press analysis of government data.

Recent history has demonstrated that hurricanes in the Atlantic are consistently developing later into the year, even beyond the defined hurricane season according to If your business is in need of a reliable backup power solution, now is the time to get that in place.

NOAA 2022 Hurricane Map

Snapshot of NOAA 5 Day Forecast August 30 2022

With that in mind, let’s highlight three common types of backup power systems:

1. New and Used Generators

For many businesses, the most economical and dependable backup power system is a permanently installed standby generator and automatic transfer switch (ATS). With this system, in the event of a power outage the generator will start up automatically and provide power to the facility, building, or business. When the utility power is restored, the generator will automatically shut off. This is a typical permanent solution that when properly maintained, will provide dependable backup power.

2. Mobile Diesel Generators

Other businesses may prefer to have a mobile diesel generator on hand, so that in the event of a power outage, the generator can be moved to a facility and connected to the building’s pre-wired generator connections. This allows more flexibility when needed and can allow the generator to be allocated between multiple locations and potentially moved out of the path of a major storm.

3. UPS Backup Systems

Many facilities with sensitive electrical equipment require integrated uninterruptible power systems to provide clean uninterrupted power. Often used in combination with one or multiple standby generators, UPS systems provide power from the moment any power loss occurs, until the backup generator starts and handles the electrical load.

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