Timelapse Delivery of 5MW of Diesel Power to Caltrans Berkeley California

Global Power Supply is proud to announce the installation of (2) MTU Rolls-Royce 2500 kW standby diesel generators, with sound attenuated enclosures, sub-base fuel tanks, paralleling switchgear, along with diesel particulate filters (DPF) and selective catalytic reductions (SCR) to meet tier 4 final emissions standards. The units were ordered by the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) for the Caldecott Tunnel in Berkeley, California. In order to stay open safely, this tunnel relies on uninterrupted power to run lights, security cameras, ventilation and fire suppression systems. These generators will act as a permanent backup power solution to avoid any outages from the scheduled Public Safety Power Shutoffs by PG&E.

Caltrans manages more than 50,000 miles of California’s highway and freeway lanes, provides inter-city rail services, permits more than 400 public-use airports and special-use hospital heliports, and works with local agencies. Caltrans carries out its mission with six primary programs: Aeronautics, Highway Transportation, Mass Transportation, Transportation Planning, Administration and the Equipment Service Center.”

Watch the story from CBS San Francisco Bay Generators To Keep Caldecott Tunnel Open During Power Outage

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