Three Ways GPS is Prepared for Emergency Power Solutions in 2022

Global Power Supply 2022

One of the key reasons for our continued success as a company is being able to anticipate our customer’s needs in an ever-changing power industry. With 2022 on the horizon, there are many obstacles to overcome for businesses in need of reliable emergency backup power systems. These include limited on-hand inventory, rising fuel costs and, most notably, increasing lead times for new equipment as a result of the growing supply chain crunch. Here are some of the steps GPS has taken to ensure we can support your business through these challenges in 2022.

1. Manufacturer Relationships

Throughout GPS’s history we have built many long-term relationships with industry leading generator and UPS system manufacturers such as MTU, Hipower, Mesa Solutions, Toshiba, Eaton, ASCO, and more. Our proven history and reputation as a high-quality solutions provider has enabled us to continue to build new and exciting strategic relationships with the top manufacturers in the power industry, and expand our product offerings. These relationships allow us to provide our customers with industry leading, reliable backup power solutions at competitive pricing.

2. Inventory In-Stock

GPS has been able to help our customers avoid long lead times by continuing to expand our in-stock inventory. We keep an inventory of high-quality used generators and UPS systems of all sizes by actively pursuing purchasing options and offering top dollar for the best available used equipment, which we can offer to our customers at prices well below the cost new equipment. We’ve also identified the quickest lead times for all sizes of new commercial and industrial generators from the top manufacturers and have placed strategic orders to capitalize on available new equipment.

3. Expanded Products & Innovation

With advancements in technology and new customer demands, GPS is working hard to stay ahead of the curve by offering the latest and most exciting new products in the power solutions industry. In 2022, we will continue to announce new partnerships and new products to our customers, ultimately offering power solutions, renewable options, and hybrid grid emulation with the best value and reliability in the commercial and industrial market.

With over 50 combined years of experience in the power solutions industry, GPS is committed to providing our customers with high quality generators, UPS systems, project management and turnkey installations.

If you are in need of a backup power system, whether it be a diesel generator, natural gas generator, UPS system, or any combination of these, please contact us today for help.